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Music Producer / Film + TV Composer / Mixing + Mastering Engineer
Picture of Terry smiling in his studio.
Terry Benn is a music producer, film + tv composer, session / experimental guitarist, and mixing + mastering engineer. Terry has established his reputation almost entirely working from a remote farmhouse recording studio near the quaint and quiet town of Newburgh, Ontario, but has recently set up a second space in Toronto. Touring extensively in bands from 2001–2010, he shifted focus to production and composition in 2011. Artists were immediately drawn to his drive, work ethic, imagination, and passion for creating. Despite his rural location, Terry has managed to attract work with artists from all over Ontario, including one of Canada’s top rock acts, The Glorious Sons, and working abroad with cinematic folk artist A Choir of Ghosts from Northern Sweden. In 2015, Terry was introduced to the world of film scoring, and would compose two shorts for director Doug Cook POW (Greg Hovanessian) (2015) and Peephole (Margaryta Soldatova) (2016), which was featured in Toronto’s After Dark Film Festival amongst others. In 2020, after a large run of music production gigs, he began refocusing to film scoring, working music department gigs for other established composers. Terry has also seen some of his independent music productions secure millions of streams with his top notch production quality. Above all, Terry’s ability to understand vision, connect and collaborate with artistic minds has been his number one asset in continuously working in music since building his studio in 2012.